Landscape Lighting
Alvetro's Landscaping uses CAST Lighting in all their
landscaping projects.
CAST Lighting products combine
old world craftsmanship with today's technology.  
Solid bronze and copper fixtures withstand the
harshest environments and become more beautiful
with age.
Beauty: Solid bronze and copper fixtures hand
crafted by skilled artisans. Aging beautifully,
they patina to a color that blends into nature.
Durability: Solid bronze bodies, heavy
gauge copper stems, marine-grade tin-coated
wire - all designed to last a lifetime.
Innovation: State-of-the-art lighting technology
including highly efficient LED's and power supplies.
Affordability: For only a few more dollars
than lower quality fixtures you can light
your home and property with solid bronze
and copper fixtures from
LED's & Fixtures Last 20+ Years - Unlike other LED
fixture bodies that Corrode long before the
LED's fail.
CAST fixtures are solid bronze designed to withstand
harsh environments even longer then
LED life. If LED's
do need replacement or upgrading,
CAST modular
designs make it easy to replace them.
LED's will never overheat - LED's are extremely
sensitive to heat and most
LED fixtures overheat
leading to a greatly reduced life
CAST LED circuits
are thermally bonded to solid bodies - massive heat
sinks that pull heat away from the
LED's. Extra
thermal regulation is built into the circuits to ensure
that heat will never be a problem.
Perfect &Consistent Color - Many
manufacturers use inferior optics and
with color that are too blue, inconsistent or
that change in time.
CAST uses the highest
quality, most stable
LED's selected for
optimal color temperature and rendering -
nearly identical to incandescent lamps.
Protected from Surges & Spikes - LED's are
susceptible to voltage surges and spikes
and electromagnetic interference.
circuits use advanced power conditioning
EMI filtering to protect the sensitive
Lights don't break bend or fail.
CAST's rugged fixture construction
ensures longevity.

Lights never become an eyesore.
CAST solid bronze ages and patinas
beautifully in the landscape.

Don't worry about shoddy
CAST owns it's
foundry in the Americas - 100%

Don't worry about
LED failures.
CAST LED's are engineered for the
harshest conditions.

Save money on your electric bill.
CAST products are highly energy

Your home and property are safe
and secure.
CAST lighting illuminate
dark areas with out glare.

You don't bother neighbors and
pollute the night sky.
CAST lights
are dark-sky friendly.

You wont waste valuable
CAST lights are
sustainable and will never end up
in a landfill.

Your lighting system is
trouble-free. The robust
System of installation prevents
system failure.

Your home and property will be
beautifully illuminated year after
CAST guarantees it.
Call to schedule your estimate today.
Before and after example of LED low
voltage landscape lighting. They add
beauty and security to your home at a cost
so low that you wont notice on your
electric bill.