Hardscaping Installations
Patios, Walkways & Retaining Walls
Hardscaping is the application of bricks, pavers and wall block
constructed on a specially prepared base with drainage and
reinforcement where needed to construct patios, walkways and retaining
walls that will flex with the freeze and thaw cycles of this area.
Thinking about a patio, walkway or
retaining wall? Let the experts at Alvetro's
design and build your very own outdoor
living space
Family friendly outdoor entertainment
areas are our specialty: fire features,
seating areas, outdoor kitchens, fireplace
or pizza oven, Alvetro's can help you with it
Incorporate free standing double faced
retaining walls with pillars or keep it
simple and you can always add your
dream patio down the road.
Hardscaping will give you outdoor living
space that will stay pristine for many years,
while adding value to your home and return
on your investment.
Segmental concrete pavers and retaining
walls when installed correctly, are built to
flex with the freeze and thaw cycle of the
area in which we live. Your patio or
walkway will not crack like poured
concrete method or rot away as a wooden
timber application.
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