Let Alvetro's help you choose the right shade
tree to beautify your landscaping and keep
your home cool on hot summer days. Conserve
energy, add beauty and create privacy with our
selection of shade trees perfect for your home.
Flowering trees create a beautiful statement
while welcoming the warmer Pennsylvania
weather. Create head turning landscaping in a
variety of colors, sizes and shapes for multiple
seasons with the many families of flowering
trees. Stop by our garden center and lets get
creative together
There is nothing like walking out your back
door and picking a tasty piece of fruit straight
from your own fruit tree and biting into all the
amazing goodness. With your own fruit trees
there are no chemicals, no sprays and you get
the true organic experience for just pennies of
grocery store prices. Alvetro's carries an
array of fruit trees to help you create your
backyard orchard,
Call to schedule your estimate today.
Evergreens are admired in all four of our
Pennsylvania seasons. Create a cozy winter
wonderland with snow frosted evergreens
adorned with lights. Evergreens can produce
beautiful natural privacy with many color
shades and sizes. These trees should be
pruned regularly and can be shaped to fit your
landscaping style.