Perennials are plants that come back year
after year. Perennials range from flowering
plants to evergreens, ornamental grasses
and even fruits and vegetables (in the
proper zoning)
Your zoning (A.K.A. Climate) will
sometimes dictate how well your perennials
flourish each year. Alvetro's carries a
variety of perennials suited for our area.
Perennials work in garden beds as
accents to shrubs and trees. Mix them in
with your annuals, pots and window boxes.
Perennials continue to grow over the years
and can be divided, placed in other areas
of your landscaping, given to friends&
family or donated to garden clubs.
Perennials provide low cost color to your
landscape. Unlike annuals that have to be
purchased every year, perennials are only
purchased once. Perennials also require
less water then annuals which need to be
watered everyday.
Alvetro's Landscaping and Garden Center
can help you create season changing
landscaping from a variety of beautiful
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