Joanne took over the business as a sole proprietor in 2001, and is  
registered with the PA Attorney General, Better Business Bureau
(BBB) and the local Chamber of Commerce.  She has continued to
carry on the traditions of service, quality and hard work initiated by
her husband, Tony.  
Tony Alvetro started Alvetro Landscaping as a part-time business
in 1971. For 30 years he developed and ran the business, by
adding a retail garden center; winter, spring, lawn
maintenance/services,making it one of the most successful local
enterprises in the area. In 2001 Tony semi retired, but still serves
as a senior advisor and manager.
Their son, Joey, is now head foreman and crew leader.  He holds
certifications as a graduate of the Penn State College of Agriculture in
Landscape Installation Technician, Level 1 Installer of segmental
concrete pavers, Level 1 Installer of segmental retaining walls, Planet
Landscape Industry Certified Technician - Exterior, Hardscape and
Softscape Installation, and Category 14 Commercial Pesticide
Applicator.  He's dedicated to continuing this business and to ensure
the long term success for the business as well as the customers.
Alvetro's Landscaping & Garden Center
A family owned and operated business since 1971
  • Landscaping:  Plants, shrubs for new or
                               renovated yards and more.
  • Hardscaping:  Walls, walks, steps, etc.
  • Hydroseeding
  • Spring/Fall:  Trimming, raking, etc.
  • Winter Services:  Plowing/Salting

Retail Sales:
  • Plants, shrubs, trees, organic solutions
  • Bulk:  Rivergravel, bark, topsoil