Pond Supplies
Clarity Max Plus:
    Removes slimy debris from pond, waterfall, or stream.
    16oz treats 8000 gal
Clear Water Barley Straw:
    Natural product that keeps ponds clear.  
    Will not hurt plants or fish.
    Last 6 months.  Each treats does 1,000 gal. of water.
    16oz treats 8000 gal
Rapid Clear Clarifier:
    Cleans cloudy, muddled pond water fast (usually 1-3
    16oz treats 8000 gal
How many gallons is your pond?

Measure by taking the
length x width x depth (in feet)
and multiply total by 7.5.
Pond Flush
Pond Flush:
    For beautiful, healthy, clear ponds.  Fish &
    Wildlife friendly.

Also carry Liquid Barley Extract